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How to own one profitable online business after another without ever starting one

Especially for those currently working a full-time job and only have a few hours a week to spare.

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

✔️ You work a full-time job and want passive income that will finally give you the freedom to do what you want.

✔️ You’ve tried (or thought about) investing money into real estate or stocks, but found the returns too low and too slow.

✔️You've tried starting a business before, but couldn't get any traction.

✔️ You want more income streams into your portfolio, but don't have to time to start a business from scratch.

If these sound familiar to you, then you know that you have the potential to get more value out of your time.

That’s exactly what inspired me to create this place.

I was tired of seeing people fail at online business because online gurus made it sound so easy to start your own online business. Especially those: 

👎 ‘Gurus’ and ‘coaches’ who show off cars to get you to buy their course, but end up delivering less than they promise.

👎  Boring and technical tutorials that get you looking at the video progress bar just to see if it’s almost over.

👎 Not getting the results you want because you weren’t presented with a system that’s clear and actionable.

👎 Generic mindset videos that just tell you to 'work hard and be passionate.' *barf*

It’s time to put all of that behind you. 

Introducing  Engineered Truth Premium

Engineered Truth Premium is the most entertaining way to go from a complete newbie to online business pro.

  Inside, you get a no-nonsense step-by-step guide that reveals in-depth information from planning, buying, managing, and growing online businesses so you can build your own digital empire.

  It's a membership that uncovers a proven path to owning and running multiple profitable online businesses without having to go through all the risk and confusion of starting one from zero.

  Plus, the support of a community that'll peer-pressure you into smashing one revenue goal after the other.

Engineered Truth Premium will help you with:

Discovering the secrets behind owning online real estate and how entrepreneurs are doing it to successfully get much higher returns of investment compared to physical real estate.

Choosing an existing profitable online business that generates predictable, recurring passive income so you can enjoy the lifestyle you want.

Running your own online business empire through a proven system that automates the work for you and takes away all the headaches that come with starting a new business.

Growing your new online business to 7-figures with everything that you need to know about generating more sales.

Adapting the mindset of an A-tier entrepreneur that will change the way you think and act on a daily basis. Methods that are so controversial, I can’t put them up on Youtube!

Connecting you to other entrepreneurs so you create meaningful relationships that will help you grow.

What makes Engineered Truth Premium Different?

Access to Insider Information

Tap into the knowledge of high-level entrepreneurs such as Joe Magnotti, CEO of Empire Flippers, Marc Roca, CEO of Alpha Rock Capital, and of course -- yours truly.

Follow My Own Advice

What I’ll share to you isn’t just a bunch of theories or assumptions, it’s the exact process that created massive results for me and fellow entrepreneurs.

No Holds Barred

I  am no longer holding back and leaving out any details just because they’re not Youtube or Facebook algorithm-friendly. Just the truth in its purest form.

No B.S. Allowed

I'm not going to tell you that my business model is the best.

I'm going to educate you on 2 of the proven business models, and let you make your own choice.

Our Full Commitment

I eat, live and breathe online business. Heck, the friends I see everyday own online businesses.

You have the guarantee that you are getting up-to-date value and 100% of my commitment.

Meet Matt Tran

Hi, I'm Matt, and since Aug. 2011, I've given people realistic career advice through my YouTube channel: Engineered Truth.
Over those years, I’ve helped countless people transition towards a career that not only pays their bills but lets them enjoy the kind of lifestyle that they want (and actually love their work).
And although I've found fulfillment in creating content for nearly a decade, I discovered 2 problems: 
  • A lot of people want to quit their job if only they could earn enough passive income, but don't know how.
  • Creators like myself have a hard time sharing our message to audiences because we have to create videos that play well with YouTube & Facebook's algorithm.
To solve these problems, I created the Engineered Truth Premium
Now, I can focus on what I love to do: Make content that helps you constantly ascend to the next level.

"Engineered Truth helped me leave the world of restaurants and into a world of digital marketing ...I am very happy where I am in my digital marketing career and can only go up from here. I highly recommend his [membership] course."

Keken Chhetri



A concise yet in-depth video series on how to invest in a profitable online business.

Here, you’ll discover everything that you need to know about buying an online business -- from red flags to look for down to how to hire someone to manage it.


The online business world is a scary place. There are so many online tools that only work when you use them the right way.

That’s why you’re getting fast 30-min crash courses in all the major tools such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Copywriting, Email Marketing, SEO, and E-commerce.


Your mindset is the lens in which you see the world. Be ready for mindset videos that go beyond 'just work hard and be passionate.'

As an extension of my Rich Friends, Poor Friends series, you’ll get mindset hacks that'll have you seeing the world in a different way and feel unstoppable everyday.


Surround yourself with fellow entrepreneurs who are crushing it in the game. You’ll get their amazing support on your journey towards creating your own online empire.

You know what they say -- when you are surrounded by success, you become it. 

...All of this and much more ONLY inside Engineered Truth Premium.

30-Day Unbeatable Money Back Guarantee

When you become a member of the Engineered Truth Premium, you are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you feel like you didn't receive value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, just let me know and I’ll send you an instant refund.
I'm not going to fight you over a few bucks. If you decide ET Premium is not worth it for you, simply tell us why, and we'll send your refund ASAP.


If you’re ready to take the next step towards creating your own online business empire the most efficient way possible, you simply need to choose which one of these payment options work best for you:

One Time Payment



Backed by 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Engineered Truth Premium is for you if:

✔️ You're working a full-time job and have extra cash that can be invested into a profitable online business.

✔️ You're a willing to risk a large sum of money to live a lifestyle that few will ever get to live.

✔️ You've tried other methods of investing such as stocks, real estate, or peer-to-peer lending and found the returns to be too low.

✔️ You've tried creating an online business before, but didn't get any traction with it.

It's NOT for you if:

✖️You are risk adverse and don't enjoy taking any risk with your money.

✖️The idea of losing any money scares you.

✖️You believe that buying profitable online businesses is a scam.

✖️You believe starting your own business from scratch is much better than buying one.

✖️You only like investments that are physically tangible.


The Engineered Truth community is hundreds of thousands of members strong… and here’s what the members are saying:

Frequently Asked Questions

In the course, I'll show you how to 'group buy' a business with other investors so that the minimum you need to invest is just $10,000

Investing in an online business is something that is relatively new and unheard of. So, it’s perfectly okay to be uncertain. However, I know for sure that this is perfect for you if you want to know the FASTEST way to own an online business that’s already making money, has a proven track record, and can be managed from anywhere in the world.

Absolutely. I’ve personally been practicing the system that I teach in this membership. I’ve made many mistakes along the way before I ever got to a point where I’m making massive revenue and if you join in the membership, you’ll learn about everything I’ve gone through so you can avoid making the same mistakes.


If you still think it’s a ‘scam’ after you sign up, remember that you can cancel your subscription anytime. (and it’s free if you do it within 30 days -- that’s plenty of time)

Anything under the sun. Typically, you can invest in eCommerce, Amazon FBA stores, Amazon Associates, Advertising, SaaS, Affiliate Marketing, and Dropshipping. There are all sorts of niches to choose from -- sports, electronics, outdoors, apparel, news, education, health, personal care, religion, finance… you name it. 


Don’t worry if this all sounds overwhelming now, I’ll break them down and explain each of them to you so you can have the power to make informed decisions and see which options work best for you. 

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Although I don’t typically recommend starting a new business UNLESS it’s a venture you’re highly passionate about, I have put in crash courses in this membership that will teach you everything that you need to know about the vast world of online businesses. Plus, tips from me and other wildly successful mentors that you can’t find anywhere else.

You will receive a welcome email shortly after containing the link to login to your dashboard. Just click the link, and voila! You have instant access to ALL of the content (and future content) inside of the Engineered Truth Premium.

Unfortunately, I currently do not offer free trials inside. However, if you’re still on the fence about joining the membership, remember that your payment is completely refundable for the first 30 days. That’s enough time for you to decide if Engineered Truth Premium is for you.

Impact & Outreach

10% of the profits from Engineered Truth Premium will be donated to the Little Angel's Home Orphanage in Tagaytay, Philippines.
The Little Angel's Home houses 42 kids ranging from 3-months old to 18-years old.

They receive no government funding and are completely funded by donors.



Prices may will go up as I keep adding more content. Get locked-in this low price today.

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Backed by 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


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